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The qualities that make up a criminal act are dependent on the act itself. In order for an act to be considered a crime, there are, generally speaking, two different qualities required for a crime to occur. One element is that the accused individual must have committed an act that is viewed as illegal.

The second is that the accused individual must have committed that act with intention. Disputes amongst individuals that do not break the law are not often handled by criminal law—these types of situations often fall under the category of civil law.

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Criminal Defense Law - Did You Know?

Crimes generally fall into three main categories.

These categories are misdemeanors, felonies, and infractions. Even infractions, which typically consist of things like traffic tickets, still produce much more favorable outcomes when handled by a criminal defense lawyer.

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Seven Teenagers Arrested in Chicago for Beating Teen - After seven defendants in Chicago were taken into police custody Wednesday for an assault taken on video that went viral online, Chicago's police chief referred to their actions as part of a "national epidemic" of youth crime being posted on the Internet.

Genetski Arrested on Drunk Driving Charges - Genetski was arrested early Thursday morning by MSU law enforcement in East Lansing on suspension of driving while drunk after refusing to take a sobriety test.